June 20, 2016

Dear GSC Members and Respected Elders,                                 

Coming to America 25 years ago, I have some great memories of our Samaj helping make that transition a little bit smoother, a little bit easier.  At the time, we didn’t have Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp like we do today, so the events our Samaj put together really gave us a chance to meet and see each other throughout the year.


A lot has changed over the years and our Samaj has grown since then, but one thing remains the same:  we’ve maintained the traditions that bring us together throughout the year.  We have a great foundation in place, and I am looking forward to keeping the tradition going, by putting together some great events with my committee. 


My focus over the next two years is simple, and that is to bring the community together through the events we will put together during the year.  We’ll have fun, share a few laughs together, and enjoy each other’s company. 


We will continue to build on our values and tradition, help support the younger generation, and remain involved in the community. 


We will accomplish these goals by helping each other, participating in cultural events and activities, getting involved in the community by putting food drives together to help the needy and volunteering at the local Mandir or partnering with other organizations that can use our help.  We will work together, take it one step at a time, and lend a helping hand whenever needed. 


Let’s work together to not only help GSC succeed but also help our community succeed.

Thank You.


B. Ghayal

President, Gandhi Samaj of Chicago

Address: Keyur Ghayal

116 English Oak Ln, Streamwood, IL 60107

Email: gandhisamajchicago1984@gmail.com

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